Board & Advisors

Board and Advisors :

Dr. Bidyanath Koirala :

Dr. Koirala, a renowned Professor of Education at Tribuvan University and a well known academician, has been an advisor to HELP since 2011. The writer of several books on educational subjects, he has served as advisor for many education related agencies at national and international level. He has visited HELP partner schools on several occasions and has also facilitated a teachers training.

Gehanath Gautam

Dr. Laxman Gnwali

Mr. Purna Gautuam

Headmaster of MelamchiGhyang School, a partner of HELP and a top school in Sindupalchowk district, Purna Gautam has been on the advisory board from the beginning and guided HELP team in forming our activities. He is also the current president of Community Action Nepal (CAN), a UK based charity that also supports on education development in the rural Himalayan region of Nepal.

Hirsh Cashdan :

Hirsh has had a successful career with IBM and, having retired, he joined MondoChallenge Foundation as a trustee. Hirsh has visited Nepal a few times where he saw the results of the recent school development programme. He is a key guide and motivator to HELP team in Nepal.
7.5.4 Mr. Ram Krishna Shahi:
A country manager of a UK based company called FutureSense, Ram served on the board of HELP from 2009 to 2010. He established his link to Helambu region after he worked as a teacher at Yangrima School in 1996, thus knows the region very well.

Dr. Harriett Nettles

Teacher trainer by profession, Dr. Harriett along with David Tashi worked with some of the teachers at the partner schools with new and constructive ideas.

Jytte Svendsen (ITA) :

Jytte Svendsen is a teacher at Helms School in Korsor Denmark. She is a member of and the Danish coordinator to International Teachers Association (ITA). Having visited Nepal several times and some of the schools that HELP works with such as Nakote, Tartong and Serkathili, she has become a keen supporter of our activities.

Gopal Lama :

Gopal Lama, the founder and the former director of Yangrima School, familiarized with HELP activities during his visit in 2011. Jimmy proposed him to serve on the advisory council to which he happily accepted. He has an MBA from Bradford University and currently lives in Scotland where he works for National Heath Service (NHS).

Chloe Harford :

Chloe Harfod is a Vice-President of Zillow and is a co-founder of Kids on the Grid Project. Chloe taught Jimmy (founder of HELP) English in 1991 and have returned to Nepal in 2012 to reconnect

Ian Harford :

Ian Harfod is a former English educator and now advises HELP on various educational fronts. He is a keen supporter of Kids on the Grid and has organized several laptops to be shipped to be Nepal.