24-26 February, 2017, Shree Satkanyamati Secondary School,Gunsa, Sindhupalchok, Nepal


What is it?

In February 2012, HELP organised the first ever The Himalayan Games - an inter-school event between HELP's partner schools. The underlying motive for organising the event was to enable our partner schools to create a more vibrant learning environment through the inclusion of regular extra-curricular activities. The HSO has so far involved students from the Helambu/Gunsa region. However, the ultimate target is to widen the scope of the event encompassing the school-going children of the entire 'Himalayan' range. HELP intends to eventually make The Himalayan Games an annual event.


What can you do?

We are launching an appeal for sponsorship of "The Himalayan Games", where you can get involved! This year we are hoping to send on average 15-24 children from 30 of our partnership schools to compete in the THG, so the total number of participants will be somewhere between 450-720. The THG this year will be held at Shree Satkanyamati Secondary School in the Gunsa Valley. In order to run this event we must fund not only the setting up of the games itself but also facilitate the cost of the students to attend. In order to do this we are offering you the opportunity to sponsor one or more of the competing students, to partake in the games. As a sponsor you will receive photos and news from the games, as well as a report from your partner student. Each sponsorship package will cost Rs. 2,800 or £20 or USD 25 and this will cover:

  • transport costs 
  • food and accommodation
  • medical and emergency costs
  • games equipment
  • Warm tracksuit (appropriate for the approaching winter weather).

You can either sponsor an individual one-on-one or find a group to sponsor a school team!

For more information, or to get involved please email to .


How will this benefit the students?

  • To help children build important personality attributes such as confidence, creativity, team work, etc.
  • To give children a relief from the tough conditions many face following the earthquake
  • To create an opportunity to improve school sports facilities in the chosen host school
  • To give the teachers an idea about how to effectively involve the children in extra-curricular activities
  • To allow students to interact with students from across Helambu, forming long-lasting friendships and partnerships!


Why are we doing this?

Nepal is still reeling from the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that shook the country to the core in April 2015. Sindhupalchok district was badly affected by the traumatic incident, suffering severe infrastructural and physical damage. Our base region, which falls in the Sindhupalchok district, was no exception.

The education sector suffered throughout the affected areas. The earthquake left a lasting impact on the minds of these budding children- some are still fighting to cope.

As we've been involved with this region for quite some time now, we strongly feel the responsibility to help the residents get back to a normal course of life. And we believe, this event would come as a much needed welcome change for the people.

Along with education, extra-curricular activities have become an important facet in a student's life, especially during these difficult times as a means to refresh oneself. Psychology plays an important factor in a person's life and it definitely shapes a child's outlook for a long time. Engaging in various sports and other co-curricular activities will prove to be a positive outlet for these children. This event will be a welcome respite to students who are still somewhat scarred by the incident and interactions among each other would promote feelings of unity and security.