Partnership Projects

School In A Bag (SIAB)

With help from Mondo Challenge Foundation and the School in a Bag Appeal, HELP have distributed over 5000 red school bags with stationary to schools all over the Helambu region since 2012. The bags contain: pencil cases, exercise books, pencils, pens, water bottles, lunch boxesand umbrellas. This is a much needed incentive for many rural parents to send their children to school, especially for those who have to walkseveral hours to and from school each day. These bags are also refilled once a year.

Kids On The Grid (KOTG)

Kids On The Grid’s mission is to connect children to the world of technology. We believe that providing underprivileged children access to the internet will create a step-change in educationalopportunities, learning, and over time livelihoods and development. KOTG was launched by ChloeHarford, a former volunteer at Yangrima school in the 90s, while Jimmy, our Executive Director wasa student there. Since June 2013, in partnership with KOTG, HELP has distributed 20+ laptopsbenefiting to more than 7 schools in Sindhupalchok. Increasing children’s computer literacy is vitalin a world increasingly defined by the internet, where computers have become a part of everydaylife in many occupations.


PenPal is a project consisting in keeping a correspondence between children of Helambu schoolsand volunteers or schools abroad Nepal. It’s a great opportunity for children to learn from eachothers and to discover different cultures. Overall it’s a good way for making friends or even setting mentorship! We have just received some pen pal letters from Interfaith Team at St. Mary’s College, California.The letters will be a medium to mentor children at Nakote School and quite surprisingly, one of these is in Nepali. Thanks to Elise Tran and her Interfaith team for driving this wonderful initiative.

Schools in which our projects are runnning:

  1. Shree Satdhara Basic School (1-6)
  2. Shree Nurbuling Manichaur Secondary School (1-10)


No. Item Required Quantity
1 Uniforms 1000
2 Books 1000