Volunteering Programme

Placing Volunteers from overseas at our partner schools has become one of our key projects over the past few years. We do this because we strongly believe that connecting rural schools with people from around the world armed with new ideas, enthusiasm and long lasting friendships, will allow children to broaden their horizons and unlock their potential. Volunteer teachers are welcomed with excitement in Helambu. Students are usually taught through rote learning from textbooks, with exams every four months.Volunteers bring a different approach to learning and teaching, as well as new skills and ideas.

They introduce a more interactive way of teaching, which can often inspire local teachers and have a much longer lasting effect on the school. They make learning fun and engaging, which encourages children to come to school regularly, and encourages parents to enrol them. Volunteers can be especially helpful with pronunciation (both for students and teachers), grammar, expanding vocabulary, communication skills and confidence levels of students. As well as teaching children,volunteers also provide English lessons (and, where possible, computer lessons) for teachers afterschool, creating a more sustainable and lasting impact.

Before starting their placement, international volunteers also fundraise a minimum of £300 for their placement school and HELP’s core projects, providing a vital source of income for HELP’s activities. HELP acts as a facilitator, rather than a ‘volunteering agency’, recruiting volunteers from abroad with the help of several partner organisations and placing them at partner schools. Since receiving its first volunteer in 2010, HELP has placed over a hundred volunteers at fifteen partner schools, with the number increasing each year. This has largely been possible due to a number of international partner organisations such as CUHELP and CUELST at Cambridge, OUHELP in Oxford and ITA in Denmark.

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Schools in which our projects are runnning:

  1. Shree Satdhara Basic School (1-6)
  2. Shree Bumeshwori Higher Secondary School
  3. Bhotenamlang Secondary school (1-10)
  4. Shree Narayan Basic School (1-8)


No. Item Required Quantity
1 Clothes 124173
2 School Bags 100
3 Tools Bags 123246
4 Research Materials 1100
5 Books 125123


School Children
No. Name
1. Amount Spent on Project $10500
2. Donations Received in this Project $10000

Performance at 2072

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