Organisational Structure

Annual Assembly

The Annual Assembly is a convention of everyone involved in the organisation held on an annual basis before the end of the fiscal year, in July. The annual Financial and Progress Reports are presented and sanctioned; strategic direction of the organisation, as well as key annual targets, are set during the Annual Assembly. Any major organisational decisions should be agreed upon and made during the Annual Assembly. Elections for lower bodies take place during the Annual Assembly.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) is comprised of seven members, including a Chairman, a Treasurer and a Secretary and four general members, elected based on consensus during the Annual Assembly. The Management and Advisory Committees can recommend members for the BOD. The Executive Director is also a member of the BOD. It holds executive authority over the activities of the organisation. The BOD must meet at least twice annually, but further meetings can be called in an emergency. Elections for the BOD are held once every three years. This body does not recieve a wage from HELP, acting in a voluntary capacity with their expenses paid. 

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is comprised of five members, invited and appointed by the BOD. It should include experts from the fields of Education, Livelihood, Law, NGOs, Civil Society and Government, whose vision and professional character are closely aligned with the vision and aims of the organisation. The AC will provide advice and guidance on the organisation’s strategic direction. The AC is appointed annually, during the Annual Assembly. They act in a voluntary capacity, and do not recieve any money from HELP. 

Project Consultation and Feedback Team

The Project Consultation and Feedback Team is comprised of elected representatives from partner schools, with each partner school sending one elected representative. The role of the MC is to inform the organisation of the priorities and needs of their schools. It will meet at least once a year (separately from the Annual Assembly). The MC is reviewed and renewed once a year during the Annual Assembly. They act in a voluntary capacity.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) is comprised of the Executive Director, who will assist Member Secretary of the SC, as well as two other members appointed by the BOD. Its role is to assist and support the Executive Director in the execution of operations and activities. The SC meets at least once a month, and must be informed of all major executive decisions by the Executive Director. It must sanction decisions and be accountable for them. It can also be called in an emergency situation.

Executive Director

The Executive Director (ED) is appointed by the BOD and is responsible for overseeing, executing and managing the organisation’s operations and targets, including fundraising, human resources, acquiring new projects and helping the organisation grow. The ED is accountable to the BOD and the donors, particularly the trustees of Mondo Challenge Foundation.

Core Team

The Core Team at HELP are recruitued by and work under the ED. It is made up of the Operations Manager, Finance Manager, Education Officer, Head of Communications and Field Officers, alongside our dedicated and talented interns; and the passionate volunteers we recieve. They are responsible for the running and implementation of all of HELP’s projects. The core team recieves a salary from HELP, with all staff positions reviewed periodically by the ED and the BOD. Meet our current team.

We try to keep the organisational process as open and democratic as possible, while maintaining efficiency in everything we do.