Mondo Challenge Foundation

A leading international development charity in the UK founded by Anthony Lunch is the main funding partner of HELP. Jimmy undertook 6 months work experience in the UK with Mondo Challenge in 2008 and towards the end of his stay, the idea to help the region of Helambu with education was formed. HELP was then founded in Nepal as Mondo Foundation’s local partner. Mondo Challenge Foundation, established in 2004, works mainly in Asia and Africa supporting local communities on educational and livelihood programmes. The founder Anthony Lunch has a strong connection in Nepal dating back to 1991 when he began supporting Yangrima School where his son Nick Lunch was volunteering as a teacher.


School in a Bag

School in a Bag is a simple solution created to help poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world. Each School Bag is filled with stationery equipment and resources that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves and above all learn.


Green Building Associates

Green Building Associates is a firm run by a California based Engineer, Tom Wagner, who has helped funded several Green House Projects in Humla District of Nepal. Tom Wagner came to HELP’s contact through David Tashi Lama, HELP’s former colleague, who was curious to learn about what goes on at HELP. Tom after visiting few villages in Helambu immediately decided to fund 5 Green Houses in three villages. The projects are progressing well and Tom Wagner has shown interest to fund more Green House Projects for Helambu region in the future.


CUHELP was established as a student society in 2011 by a group of former volunteers within the University of Cambridge to promote HELP, to recruit and train volunteers. Since, CUHELP has recruited and trained over 100 volunteers. The committee consists of ex-volunteers who wishes to share their passion and keep contributing after returning from Nepal.


A group founded in 2014 at the University of Oxford to promote the work of HELP and send volunteers to Helambu. In 2016, we have received 14 volunteers recruited by OU HELP.

Kids on the Grid (KOTG)
Kids On The Grid’s mission is to connect children to the world using technology. We believe that providing kids in underprivileged communities access to the internet will create a step-change in educational opportunities and learning, and over time livelihoods and development.

International Teachers Association (ITA)

A reputed Danish organization working for promoting culture of peace and development of education has been supporting Helambu region for more than a decade. Recently, ITA has formed a partnership with HELP to promote volunteering opportunity for young Danes and HELP “Teach and Trek “. ITA funds salaries for a couple of teachers at Tartong and Nakote.


CUELST recruits volunteer teachers to teach English to Tibetans. It was the first organisation to send volunteers to work with HELP. ELST was introduced to HELP by a student at Cambridge who is a friend of Jimmy since they met in Norway in 2005. CUELST continues to send around 2 volunteers to Helambu each summer.

In the past, we have worked with numerous organisations, including: 

  • Caritas Switzerland
  • People in Need
  • Global Communities
  • SEBS-North America
  • Helambu Project