Core Team


Executive Director

Jimmy has maintained very strong links to the Helambu region where he grew up and was educated. In his formative years, Jimmy won several competitions and scholarships to attend international training programs and world class conferences. He earned a BA in Business Management from Tribhuvan University, going on to receive an MA in International Development from the University of Sussex, England. He has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe, South-East Asia and Australia. Before setting up HELP, Jimmy assisted with the construction of a school in his native village of Nakote, which fostered his interest in improving government schools.

In 2008, Jimmy worked in the UK at Mondo Challenge Foundation where he fine tuned various organisational and fundraising skills. This allowed him to found HELP the following year. He is currently the Nepal Country Director for this UK-based charity. In addition to the above, Jimmy is the Nepal Representative to International Teachers Association (ITA). 


Operations Manager

Chiring is a founding member of HELP and has been actively involved since its inception. After gaining a BA in Business Studies, Chiring started and ran a small IT business. He eventually sold this in order to devote his time to empowering Helambu communities; something which he felt held a much greater value. As Operations Manager, he works to recruit teachers, oversee building development, supply school materials and handle volunteers. Chiring is also the Chairman of Nurbling School. He has been instrumental in developing this small school into one of the thriving schools in the region.



Head of Communications & Grants Writer

Richa joined HELP in 2016 after seeing the positive impact it has had on the education sector in the Helambu valley. She is in charge of producing reports and other publications for HELP, as well as liaising with donors and stakeholders regarding grants. Richa has received a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Kathmandu University, and an MA in Sociology. She combines her work at HELP with studying for an M.Phil in Anthropology at Tribhuvan University.




Finance and Procurement Officer

Ashish is responsible for organising and managing all of HELP’s finances, including all donations and scholarships granted by HELP. He joined the organisation in 2015, and holds both Bachelors and Masters Degree in Business Administration.




Volunteer Coordinator & Field Officer

Originating from Ghunsa, Sindhupalchok District, Mohan volunteered with HELP in the International Volunteering Programme for over 3 years before joining the team as Field Officer. His role involves monitoring and conducting need assessment surveys for our project planning team period. He possesses the strong communication skills required to connect and understand the needs of the local community. He now has the responsibility of organising the volunteer program, making sure that volunteers are placed where they are needed most.



EQuIP Coordinator

Prakash is in charge of our Education Quality Improvement Program (EQuIP). He has earned both a BA and an MA in Education from Tribhuvan University, and plays a role at HELP in training and supplying grants for teachers, as well as organizing the scholarship programme.  Prakash worked as a Teach for Nepal fellow for 2 years prior to joining HELP; this involved 2 years teaching in Sindhupalchowk, in the Helambu Valley. His experience and expertise is crucial to the implementation of HELP’s teaching programs.





EQuIP Development Officer

Ranjit is working as the officer in-charge for planning and development of EQuiP programmes. He holds a BE (Bachelors in Engineering in Electronics and Communiations) from National Institute of Technology in Jalandhar, India. Ranjit also worked as a Teach for Nepal fellow for 2 years prior to joining HELP; this involved 2 years teaching in Sindhupalchowk. His experience and expertise is crucial to the implementation of HELP’s teaching programs.



School Reconstruction Manager

Sameer has a career background in Architecture and has assisted with designing schools for HELP since 2015. He is responsible for overseeing the construction of most of the schools which the organization is helping to rebuild. The expertise of Sameer and his team has proven crucial in the aftermath of last year’s earthquake.


Front Desk Officer

Saru Giri is one of HELP’s many success stories. Growing up near Sindhupalchowk, Saru was awarded a scholarship in 2014 by HELP and Mondo Challenge. She is now working as an administrator for HELP, before beginning her studies for a BA in Social Work. In the longer term she wishes to contribute to the development of the village she grew up in.





Tenzin is currently pursuing a high school education. He is currently assisting us with administrative duties, having been awarded a HELP scholarship last year.


Core Team